It's 1:48AM, and finally, I am starting to do all I planned to do at the start of 2019. It's so easy to forget how time flies. It's just a day after the other. Sleep. Wake up. Such order, but it's time, and it's going, leaving so many things undone with the hope of tomorrow,… Continue reading 1:48AM


Surviving the Bullet (Ep.1) |My Relationships

Yep. And this is where I stop. Hi there, it's another day, April 1st (Happy New Month), and I have just been forward (yet againnnn 🤭😂😭) honestly I'm still navigating how I feel about it, but at the end of the writing, I should be pretty resolute. What have I been froward in you're wondering??… Continue reading Surviving the Bullet (Ep.1) |My Relationships